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Selection of Personnel

The success of a company lies in the hands of people. Skills and know-how as well as personality and expertise are becoming more and more crucial. However, with a skills shortage in the labour market coupled with greater...

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Administration of Personnel

We provide general, Semi-skilled, Skilled and Professional personnel from the various countries such as like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, PRC. We are continuously being approached by new clients...

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Sub Contracting Day works

Selection of General, Semi-Skilled, Skilled and Professional personnel from their respective country of origin. We are able to provide various supporting services in relation to this based on the trade and nationality of the men...

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Welcome to Sam Woo ( S.E.A ) Pte. Ltd.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our company. SAM WOO (S.E.A.) was set up by Mr. Manjit Singh Sandhu in January 2001 with a joint collaboration with SAM WOO (Korea) to promote and market ground Anchors. Unfortunately, the construction industry then was a little soft and the demand for the product was not much. By 2003, Mr. Sandhu with the consent of his Korean partners closed the product sale and took over the company. Prior to this Mr. Sandhu was the Managing Director of Davey Constructors Pte Ltd from its inception back in June 1995.

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